SARA 311



Subtitle B applies to any hazardous chemical for which your facility is required to prepare or have available a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

SECTION 311, Paragraph (a):

The Lowndes County Emergency Planning Committee has opted to require the submission of a list of Hazardous Chemicals in lieu of Material Safety Data Sheets. One comprehensive form has been developed for you to list your facility's Extremely Hazardous Substances as well as your facility's Other Hazardous Substances. On the form, you are to indicate if the substance is an EHS or a CERCLA chemical. This information may be found in the Title III Lists of Lists, published by the EPA. If your facility has on hand more than the reportable quantity of an Extremely Hazardous Substance or a CERCLA chemical, please note the reportable quantity on the form. If there is a release of an Extremely Hazardous Substance or a CERCLA chemical at your facility, you can then refer to one list which will assist you in determining when the proper emergency notifications need to be made.
Some similar materials, which may have multiple Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) numbers, or none at all, may be consolidated into one entry if the Health and Physical Hazards are identical. An example of this is paint. You may have several hundred gallons from different manufacturers in various size containers. All quantities must be reported in pounds, using the rule of thumb: 8 pounds = 1 gallon.


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