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LEPC Forms - 2009

The following forms are used by the Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee to identify the hazards in the community, update facility emergency contact information and to plan for emergency responses.

Lowndes County Mississippi LEPC is using the new version of the TIER II SUBMIT for electronic Tier II reports starting January 2007 for reporting year 2006!  Please file electronically if possible!  53 facilities reported electronically in 2007!  Thank you!

If you are a facility required to report Tier II, TRI, SARA 311 lists, then you are requested to submit the following information to the Lowndes County Mississippi LEPC.  The EPA's October 2001 revision of the List of List can be downloaded (EPA's "LIST OF LIST" LINK)

Tier2 Submit 2009 Software

Note: Tier2*Submit has been updated as of November 12, 2008 for closer compliance with the recent amendments to EPCRA.  See http://www.epa.gov/emergencies/content/epcra/index.htm for more details.

EPA developed Tier2 Submit 2009 to help facilities prepare an electronic chemical inventory report. Many states accept Tier2 Submit. If your state accepts Tier2 Submit, download the correct version for your system and the Facility Submission Guide.


Lowndes County Mississippi LEPC
Facility 302 Notification Word 97 Format Sample form for the LEPC and MEMA
Sample Spill Report Form Word Format Sample for to record and report spills and releases to the environment
Facility Information Form Word 97 Format
Emergency Response Planning Form Word 97 Format PDF Format
Facility Emergency Contact Form Word 97 Format PDF Format
Mississippi EMA Links Instruction Facility Submittal Information
EPA Forms and Programs                       EPA Tier II web page 
Tier II Forms Word 97 Format PDF Format
Tier II Instructions

Word 97 Format

PDF Format
Tier II Submit 2008 software  (EPA Website) Links to EPA Software:

Tier2 Submit 2009 for Windows (11.8MB, EXE)

Tier2 Submit 2009 for Macintosh (30MB, DMG)

Facility Submission Guide (PDF) (26 pp, 1.4MB, About PDF)

List of List PDF Format 

EPA's Online Database

Local copy in PDF

More frequently asked questions are listed on the EPA's  web page.

Please use the "Facility Emergency Contact" Form for EPCRA Reporting Facility Emergency Contacts and CEMP Emergency Contacts.  Emergency contacts are required to provide a 24 hour phone number and a home address for a local contact.

The Lowndes County LEPC is requesting Tier II reporting facilities to submit their Tier II data electronically to the LEPC's official address: .

Questions regarding local reporting requirements can be sent to: Lowndes County LEPC c/o Columbus Lowndes EMA office

Lowndes County Mississippi LEPC is using the new version of the TIER II SUBMIT for electronic Tier II reports since January 2003!  Please file electronically if possible! 

An e-mail will be sent to all electronic submitters to confirm that their data was successfully received and imported in to the LEPC's master database.  Please print out a copy of the reply letter for your records!

Please check the MEMA website to determine where the electronic submittal to the state should be sent.  A useful tool is to send the State and LEPC's copy in the same e-mail so that you will get an automated reply from the LEPC confirming receipt.

Information from the EPA website for the State of Mississippi reporting

Mississippi Tier II Reporting Requirements

Tier II Administration: Mississippi Emergency Management
Phone: (601) 352-9100
E-Mail: hneal@mema.ms.gov
Website: http://www.msema.org/plans/library/index.html Exit EPA
Special Instructions:

Mississippi is accepting Tier II submissions from Tier2 Submit 2009:


Please send all questions regarding the Columbus-Lowndes LEPC to  the Columbus-Lowndes EMA office.

Normally retail gasoline stations with inventories in underground storage tanks of less than 75,000 gallons at any one time, and are in compliance with state and federal UST requirements are no longer required to file annual Tier II reports with the LEPC or SERC (MEMA) unless requested by the local LEPC. Initial reports are required when a gasoline station is first opened and updates are required when the facility information, emergency contacts, maximum inventory, UST compliance status  or other pertinent information for the retail gasoline station are changed. This change only applies to retail gasoline stations.  Facilities that store gasoline and other fuels for their own vehicles or other use are still required to submit annual Tier II Reports.  All fuel facilities that store fuel in above ground tanks must report Tier II information annually.

The EPA's Tier II Submit reporting software can be downloaded from the EPA's web site by following this link; http://www.epa.gov/emergencies/content/epcra/tier2.htm .  The EPA's software for electronic reporting has changed since last year.  The new program's data file is NOT compatible with the old TierIIWin software!  

The Tier II reports are due to the Fire Department having jurisdiction, LEPC, and MEMA by March 1st every year.

The facilities that submit the Tier II information electronically, allows the data to be used by the GTR HAZMAT Team with the CAMEO emergency Response modeling software for spills and releases.  

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency will accept the Tier II Submit files in place of the paper files this year!  The Lowndes LEPC will use the Tier II Submit program for the LEPC's emergency planning efforts since MEMA has moved to the new software.  Please remember to keep the Tier II submit software on you system each year to facilitate the next years reporting.  You can save a copy of the Exported ZIP File and then importing into the following years EPA software.  "Electronic Tier II Submit reporting does not require a signature sheet. 

All paper submittals are required to have an original signature on the first sheet of every facilities submittal as required by the EPCRA regulations .  Photo copies of the signature page will not be accepted as meeting the EPCRA regulations and may result in enforcement action by the EPA.

The Lowndes County LEPC will send your a confirmation e-mail to all electronic submitter that the report was received and successfully imported into the LEPC's data system.

The Lowndes County LEPC has prepared a computerized Emergency Plan for use by the E-911 dispatch center, HAZMAT Team and the local emergency response organizations with all the submitted information from each covered facility.

Facilities that are required to submit Form R's for their annual toxic releases to the State and EPA can find the software on the EPA's ATRS web page.

The EPA's List of List document can be downloaded from their website.  This document identifies the regulated chemicals and the threshold planning and spill reporting quantities.  This document is updated periodically so check the EPA's website for a newer version before submitting your reports.  (Occasionally they actually remove chemicals from the list).


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