Disaster Assistance



When disasters strike your community or surrounding region, it is human nature to desire to provide assistance to victims. While it is inherently good to help out your neighbors as much as you can, one issue that always arises during disasters is the donation of goods.

We do not want to discourage persons from helping their fellow neighbors, but mass truckloads of donated goods usually hamper response and recovery operations. Individuals have to sort and separate mass truckloads of goods, and this greatly slows down the distribution of assistance to victims of disasters, who need immediate help.

The most effective way that citizens can help victims of disasters in their community or surrounding region, is to make monetary donations to their local chapter of the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, or other recognized organization which provides assistance to victims during times of disasters. Organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army respond directly to disaster scenes, and know first-hand the needs of the effected community. Remember, if you wish to donate to any organization, always investigate them through the Better Business Bureau before making any contribution.


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Last modified: 07/05/09