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Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contact Information

The LEPC in conjunction with the Columbus-Lowndes Emergency Management Agency is developing an emergency contact database for the facilities, agencies, and organizations that are represented in the county's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and the LEPC's Emergency Plan.

The LEPC is requesting Emergency Response Department Heads, Facility Coordinators and Disaster Assistance organizations to complete the Emergency Contact Information Sheets and either e-mail them to the LEPC's e-mail address or to the Columbus Lowndes Emergency Management Agency.

The forms can be picked up in the Emergency Management office or can be downloaded from this site.

The Facilities with Tier II chemicals must complete the forms.  The Facility Contact's work, home and 24 hour numbers will be maintained in the public databases that are part of the LEPC's Emergency Plan.  The remaining data will be available to the Emergency Management and the E-911 dispatch center for use during an emergency.


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