LEPC By-Laws


County of Lowndes

Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)



The Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee, hereinafter referred to as the LEPC, shall have the responsibility for the county of Lowndes Mississippi.


Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee shall include representatives of each of the membership categories prescribed in the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA). These categories include:

1.       Elected state and local officials;

2.       Law enforcement;

3.       Emergency Management 

4.       Fire Services;

5.       Emergency Medical Services

6.       Medical and Public Health Services

7.       Transportation personnel;

8.       Media;

9.       Community Groups;

10.   Facility Owner, Operators and their Representatives.


There shall be representatives from facilities utilizing hazardous and extremely hazardous substances. In addition to the required categories, membership of the Lowndes County LEPC will also include representatives from education: Lowndes County Public Schools, Mississippi University of Women, and City of Columbus Schools, and a representative from the American Red Cross. Representatives of surrounding LEPC’s, the Mississippi State Emergency Response Commission and the United States Environmental Protection Agency are encouraged to participate as affiliate members of the Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee.


The Lowndes County LEPC encourages all facilities with in the County of Lowndes to participate as members. The facilities with extremely hazardous substances are encouraged to participate in committee activity as well as those with a type of hazardous material usage. The committee also invites involvement representatives from the business community that may not use hazardous chemicals but could be impacted by hazardous material emergencies, or is interested in participating in the emergency planning process.


Representatives to the LEPC from City of Columbus and the County of Lowndes departments shall be appointed by the department head. Community groups within the County of Lowndes are encouraged to participate in the LEPC.


The Chairperson will seek members from other categories as necessary.

A membership list of the Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee shall be maintained at the Columbus – Lowndes Emergency Management Agency office and in the  LEPC Emergency Plan.


The officers of the committee shall include a Chairperson, Vice - Chairperson and secretary. In the event of a vacancy, an election shall be held at the next scheduled meeting of the committee or at a special meeting. All committee members shall be eligible to vote.


Business of the Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee is generally conducted as a committee of the whole. The one permanent subcommittee will be the exercise planning committee. The chairperson may form additional sub-committees or special committees as needed.


The Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee shall meet at least four time a year. Sub-committees shall meet as needed. At least one exercise of the plan shall be conducted each year. All meetings will be conducted in accordance with the Mississippi Open Meeting Law.

Meeting notices shall be posted at Columbus-Lowndes Emergency Management Agency office at 515 2nd Avenue North, Columbus Mississippi at least one week in advance of the meeting.   All LEPC members shall be notified at least fifteen days in advance of a meeting. Notification to members may be by US Mail, facsimile or e-mail.


Any member wishing to place an item on the agenda shall contact the Chairperson at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.


A quorum shall be fifty (50) percent of membership categories.  A member may represent more than one category based on their affiliation with that category.


All records of the committee shall be considered public domain. This does not apply to Tier II report information that has been submitted under the confidentially provisions if the EPCRA Law. The Emergency Contact Listing that the LEPC helps maintain with the Emergency Management Agency will not be in the public domain since it contains many personal and unlisted phone numbers. The records of the Lowndes County Local Emergency Planning Committee shall be held at the Columbus-Lowndes Emergency Management Agency office, 515 2nd Avenue North, Columbus, MS 39701. Records include meeting agenda, meeting minutes, attendance, and exercise summaries.

The annual chemical inventory filing records will be maintained in the LEPC database. Updated information from the filings will be posted to the Lowndes County LEPC Internet website. Copies of the information are available through the Right to Know request process as outlined in the plan.

By-Law Changes

These by-laws may be changed by a simple majority vote. Any change of the by-laws shall be required to be posted on the meeting agenda for which it is discussed.



Adopted by LEPC vote March 18, 2003





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